NTI Experts Emphasize Preparedness and Response to Deliberate Bio Events at the Biological Weapons Convention 2018 MX4

and Michelle
from NTI’s biosecurity program (NTI | bio) joined government
officials and experts from around the world in Geneva, Switzerland this week for
the Biological
Weapons Convention (BWC) 2018 Meeting of Experts
on Assistance, Response
and Preparedness (MX4)
, to highlight the importance of advancing preparedness
and response for deliberate biological events.

As part of the MX4, NTI | bio and the Georgetown
University Center for Global Health Science & Security on Aug. 15 held a
side event, “Advancing Preparedness & Response to Deliberate Biological Events.”
The event: previewed an upcoming senior-level tabletop exercise that will elucidate
recommendations to strengthen response capabilities of international
organizations and humanitarian responders for deliberate biological events;
highlighted an online, interactive tool that maps activities and stakeholders during
a deliberate biological event; and showcased original research that identifies
and compares requests for Member States’ assistance.

NTI | bio also briefed international experts
on the NTI
Global Biosecurity Dialogue
. This is a new, cross-sectoral dialogue
to elicit concrete national and regional actions to advance biosecurity and
biosafety policy frameworks, in-country capabilities, and new approaches to
reduce risks associated with emerging threats. Recommendations from the Global
Biosecurity Dialogue were also provided to the Biological Security Working
Group of the Global
Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction

Read more about NTI’s biosecurity
program here.  

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