NTI Joins the March for Science Virtual Conference for Earth Week

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NTI experts joined the March for Science virtual Earth Day celebration held last week, organized entirely by youth activists and advocates. From the NTI | bio team, Senior Program Officers Jessica Bell and Hayley Severance spoke about the utility for local leaders of the COVID-19 Frontline Guide for Decision-Makers (here). Bell also joined Priya Bapat from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to discuss the 2019 Global Health Security Index (GHS Index) and its data on Small Island Nations preparedness and the challenges they face related to the COVID-19 pandemic. NTI Co-chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz also joined the broadcast to discuss pandemic, climate, and nuclear threats and the importance of engaging young leaders to take action. “It’s not good enough to make pandemic preparations for just our own country, because all countries are in this together,” Moniz said.

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