NTI Vice President Deborah Rosenblum discusses radiological risks at International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)insurance Pools

Today, NTI Executive Vice President
Deborah Rosenblum discussed radiological risks at a meeting in Paris of the
International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)insurance Pools. Rosenblum addressed
representatives of the insurance and reinsurance industries, as well as
government officials and industry representatives, on a conference panel
titled, “New Threats, Hyper-Terrorism and Possible Mitigation of Exposures. She
spoke about current risks and vulnerabilities of high-activity radioactive
sources, particularly the cesium-137 in hospital blood irradiators, and
emphasize security gaps and the potential consequences of a radioactive “dirty

Reducing radiological risks is a
core priority for NTI, in partnership with hospitals, governments and the
private sector—in the United States  and globally—to raise awareness about
the risks posed by cesium-137 and other dangerous isotopes that could be stolen
and used to build a dirty bomb.  NTI encourages the use, where feasible,
of safe and effective alternative technologies for eliminating the threat

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