NTI Webinar on IAEA Information Circulars as Global Tools for Nuclear Security

Nuclear security experts from around the world joined NTI Tuesday for a webinar on “Global Tools for Nuclear Security: An Introduction to IAEA Information Circulars on Nuclear Security.

Featuring NTI’s Materials Risk Management Senior Director Scott Roecker and Program Officer Jessica Bufford, the hour-long event with experts explained how countries could demonstrate their commitment to nuclear security, work with like-minded states, and gain valuable experience on key issues like minimizing civilian stocks of HEU, insider threat mitigation, and strengthening nuclear security implementation more broadly.

Panelists included Joon Grane Hetland, Senior Advisor, Section for Global Security and Disarmament, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Art Atkins, Assistant Deputy Administrator, Global Materials Security, National Nuclear Security Administration, US Department of Energy; Rony Dresselaers, Director for the Department of Nuclear Security and Transport, Federal Agency for Nuclear Control, Belgium; and Ambassador Benno Laggner, Resident Representative of Switzerland to the IAEA and Permanent Representative to the CTBTO Preparatory Commission.

The event further reviewed the relevant IAEA information circulars (INFCIRCs) covering key nuclear security topics.  You can watch the entire event here.

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