Nunn Reacts to Homeland Security Proposal

Nunn Reacts to Homeland Security Proposal;
Calls for Comprehensive Plan To Secure Global Weapons and Materials

Former Senator Sam Nunn, co-chairman of the Nuclear Threat Initiative, released the following statement today about the Bush Administration’s newly unveiled homeland security strategy:

“Today’s announcement is a very important step forward in improving our national security, but it is only one part of the overall equation for keeping America safe. Homeland security begins abroad, where we must lead and work with other nations in securing nuclear, biological and chemical materials and weapons in the former Soviet Union and around the world. President Bush has said that keeping terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction must be our ‘highest priority.’ I applaud President Bush’s leadership and success in achieving a commitment by the G-8 leaders to establish a global partnership to prevent the spread of weapons and materials of mass destruction and spend $20 billion over the next ten years on this work. The key will be follow through and seeing that these commitments are implemented and sustained. The G-8 plan needs to be part of a complementary strategy for our first line of defense — denying terrorists access to nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.”


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