Statement from the Euro-Atlantic Security Leadership Group on Ukraine

The Nuclear Threat
Initiative was on-site at the 2020 Munich Security Conference where
Co-Chairs Ernest J.
 and Sam Nunn,
along with members of the Euro-Atlantic
Security Leadership Group
 (EASLG), released a statement headlined Twelve
Steps Toward Greater Security in Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic Region

The statement is
the result of six months of intensive work within the EASLG on the issue of
Ukraine and Euro-Atlantic Security. With an impressive group of 46 signatories
from 13 countries across the Euro-Atlantic region, the statement fills an
important space at a crucial moment—proposing 12 practical, concrete steps
that can be taken now to address urgent security, humanitarian, economic, and
political concerns in and around Ukraine.

In Munich, the EASLG statement generated intense interest. NTI welcomes differing viewpoints and constructive discussion related to a widely shared goal of greater security in the Euro-Atlantic region. Unfortunately, we also have seen the integrity and independence of EASLG signatories questioned and the signatories have become the subject of threats from an extremist website in Ukraine. 

We remain committed to working constructively to help build mutual security in the Euro-Atlantic region. The ideas put forth by the EASLG are not a “peace plan” but are concrete, actionable steps that can contribute to discussions within the Normandy format talks, the ongoing work of the Trilateral Contact Group—that is, Ukraine, Russia, and the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)—and other diplomatic exchanges now underway.  Our focus remains on improving security and reducing and eliminating violence and suffering in this horrific conflict.   

To read the full
statement, click here. To read the full statement, translated into Ukrainian, click here. A fact sheet is available here

Updated 2/22/2020

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