Video Now Available of Panels Featuring NTI Experts at Carnegie Nuclear Conference

The 2019 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference,
held in March, brought together more than 800 officials and thought leaders from
more than 45 countries to discuss and debate global and nuclear security policy.
NTI leadership and policy experts participated in discussions on critical
issues from relations between Russia and the West to lessons from implementing
the Iran nuclear deal.

Video and audio recordings of those panels are available

Strategic Relations: The Big Picture

At this post–Cold War low in bilateral relations, the
traditional guardrails that help stabilize the U.S.-Russian relationship are
weakening and nuclear risks are growing. NTI Co-Chair and CEO Ernest J. Moniz
moderated a panel with Emily Haber, NTI Board Member Igor Ivanov,
and NTI Co-Chair Sam Nunn.

What Are the Lessons and Implications of Implementing the

NTI Vice President Corey
led a discussion with Suzanne DiMaggio, Caroline Hurndall, and
Ariel Levite on the way forward after U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear

ProliferationPrognostication: Predicting the Nuclear Future

NTI Vice President Laura
, Togzhan Kassenova, Yasuyoshi Komizo, Manpreet Sethi, and Jeffrey
Lewis pit their judgment against the wisdom of crowds in forecasting the global
nuclear future.

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NTI Releases New Paper on Nuclear Facilities in Times of Crisis


NTI Releases New Paper on Nuclear Facilities in Times of Crisis

A new NTI paper, Nuclear Facilities in Times of Crisis, evaluates existing strategies for reducing risks and recommends additional steps that governments, industry, and other stakeholders can take to build resiliency.

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