Choubey on Nuclear Materials Security in the Middle East

NTI senior director for nuclear and bio-security Deepti Choubey participated in a Woodrow Wilson Center panel prior to the Summit. Choubey focused on the Middle East, noting that transparency is a key issue for countries in the region with weapons-usable nuclear materials.  For those countries without materials that could become staging grounds or transit points for illicit trafficking, political stability is a challenge.

Choubey also answered questions for the Woodrow Wilson Center about her expectations for the Summit, the current status of global nuclear materials security, differences in regional perspectives and the priority areas for materials security.

April 2, 2012

NTI's Deepti Choubey discussed nuclear materials security in the Middle East on a Woodrow Wilson Center around the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit.

Deepti Choubey
Deepti Choubey