Regional Leadership Networks to Reduce Nuclear Risk



Lack of awareness and action by political leaders and citizens on global and regional nuclear threats.


NTI nurtured networks of high-profile leaders from Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America to generate dialogue, political action and public outreach on nuclear risks.


Hundreds of leaders across five continents are shaping debates, spurring action and defining narratives in their regions and on international platforms.  

Hundreds of leaders and highly respected experts from across five continents are members of regional networks dedicated to generating global momentum for reducing reliance on nuclear weapons and the risks they pose. NTI is the founding sponsor and facilitates communication among the networks, which coordinate global efforts related to a range of nuclear security, disarmament and nonproliferation issues. 

These networks help develop policies, capacity, and political leadership to reduce nuclear threats in their regions and globally by: 

  • Providing an independent platform for regional dialogue and debate with a strong focus on workable and credible policy solutions. 
  • Influencing decision-making by reaching the political, diplomatic and security elites of countries across their regions.
  • Producing and disseminating independent research, analysis and publications as well as convening public and private events.  

These activities raise awareness and the quality of debate on nuclear issues in parliaments, as well as improving public and media understanding on nuclear issues. Their efforts help build a more supportive public climate to allow heads of states and governments to take action on reducing urgent nuclear dangers.

Asia-Pacific Leadership Network (APLN)

 The APLN was launched by former Australian Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans. The network is convened by Professor Ramesh Thakur and Professor Chung-in Moon and comprises a group of nearly 90 political, diplomatic, and military leaders from countries across the Asia-Pacific region. The East Asia Foundation based in Seoul serves as Secretariat for the APLN.

 European Leadership Network (ELN)

 The ELN is a high-level network of nearly 200 serving and former European leaders from countries across Europe. The network is convened by former UK Secretary of Defense, Des Browne and Sir Adam Thomson serve as Director. The ELN  is an independent non-partisan, non-profit organization based in London.

 Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network (LALN)

 The LALN comprises a group of 16 former political and diplomatic leaders from the across the Latin American and Caribbean region. The network is run by Ms. Irma Arguello and the NPSGlobal Foundation based in Buenos Aires serves as Secretariat for the LALN.

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Asia-Pacific Leadership Network

The Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN) includes more than 60 leaders from 14 countries across the region, including China, India and Pakistan.

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European Leadership Network

The European Leadership Network (ELN) is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation that works to advance and promote greater understanding of international defense and security.

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Latin American Leadership Network

The Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network (LALN) works to promote constructive engagement on disarmament, nonproliferation and reduction of threats.

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Latest Activity

ELN Names New Director

The European Leadership Network has names Sir Adam Thomson KCMG as new director to replace Ian Kearns.

Asia Pacific Leaders Deplore North Korea Nuclear Testing, Missile Provocations

Asia-Pacific Leadership Network co-conveners, Chung-in Moon and Ramesh Thakur, released a statement at the APLN annual meeting held May 23-27th in Jeju province, Korea. The statement deplores the fourth nuclear test and ballistic missile provocations by North Korea and calls on global and regional policymakers to urgently re-energize the nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament agenda.

Asia-Pacific Experts Respond to the 2016 Nuclear Security Index

The Asia-Pacific Leadership Network released a series of articles providing regional perspectives to the Nuclear Threat Initiatives 2016 Nuclear Security Index. These perspectives provide important insight into the perception of the Nuclear Security Index, how it can improve, and how it has enabled broader discussions on nuclear security policy and practices in the region.

APLN: Chernobyl and Fukushima: Consequences for the Nuclear Safety of the World

The Asia-Pacific Leadership Network released a series of articles marking 30 years since the Chernobyl disaster and 5 years since the Fukushima nuclear disaster. These articles assess how the international nuclear community responded to the disasters and were presented at a Chernobyl seminar held at Australian National University.