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  • NTI News

    Side Event on Nuclear Disarmament Verification at UN First Committee

    Participants in the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) will discuss the initiative’s progress and future plans in addressing the technical challenges involved in verifying nuclear disarmament at a side event of the United Nations First Committee session.

  • Treaty/Regime

    Antarctic Treaty

    The Treaty obligates parties to only use Antarctica for peaceful purposes. Military activities are prohibited, including the testing of weapons, nuclear explosions, and the disposal of radioactive waste in Antarctica.

  • Facility

    061 Base

    China’s Central Special Committee approved the establishment of the 061 Base in 1964 for aerospace products research and development. [2] The 061 Base was known as the Jiangnan Space Industry Corporation (中国江南航天工业集团公司), but that corporation’s website became defunct in 2010, with no known replacement since. [3] The base produces missile-related guidance, navigation, and control software, composite materials, and a range ...

  • Facility

    Aeguk Preventative Medicine Production Factory

    In July 1993, the factory was built with equipment donated by businesswomen who are members of the Jochongryeon (조총련), the pro-North Korea General Association of Korean Residents in Japan. The facility became operational in October 1993, but any connections to the North Korean BW program are unclear. The name "Aeguk (애국)," which means "patriotism," reflects the contributions made ...

  • Facility

    Air Weapons Complex (AWC)

    Founded in 1992, the Air Weapons Complex (AWC) is one of three facilities that comprise the Wah Cantonment Ordnance Complex. [1] AWC is one of Pakistan’s leading manufacturers of airborne positioning and navigation systems, global positioning systems, and air-launched weaponry. [2] AWC also plays a central role in the development of indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities. [3]

    In ...

  • Facility

    Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering (OKBM)

    Established in 1945, OKBM designs small power reactors, fast breeder reactors, and reactors for naval propulsion and heat generation. It is best known as the main designer for the Soviet Union's and Russia's flagship nuclear propulsion projects, including the first nuclear submarine reactor, reactors for the nuclear icebreaking fleet, and reactors for the floating nuclear power plant project. [1]

    OKBM ...

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