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    Huichon Unidentified Nozzle Factory

    North Korean defector "Lee Yŏng Shik" (pseudonym) says this factory produces nozzles that are used in the assembly of missiles at the No. 26 Factory in Kanggye, Chagang Province. There are a number of ways to interpret Lee's statement about "nozzle production." The simplest interpretation is that this facility produces "nozzles" for unguided rockets. In the case of simple ...

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    Kim Ch'aek Iron and Steel Complex

    The Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex is North Korea's largest steel mill, with an annual production of six million tons of steel and iron, or about half of North Korea's total steel production. Steel is a necessary component for missiles and other weapon systems, and it is very possible that steel produced at this facility has been used in ...

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    Darkhovin Nuclear Power Plant

    Historically, Darkhovin has been the proposed location for several reactor projects. Currently Iran is planning to construct a 360MW power generating reactor there. [1]

    French companies, contracted by Iran in 1973 to construct two 950MW pressurized water reactors (PWRs) at Darkhovin, cancelled the deal following the 1979 Iranian revolution. [2] In 1993, Iran contracted with China to ...

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    Center for Advanced Technology

    On 19 February 1984, the foundation was laid for the center with construction beginning in May 1984. In January 1986, the first multi-purpose shed was ready and the first scientific activity took place with the presentation of a "Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics."

    The center is divided into numerous divisions. The following is a list of these divisions and their ...

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    Junghwa-gun Missile Base

    This site has been identified this as a missile base, but no more is known about the site. [1]

    [1] “북, 최소  4곳의 미사일 공장과  10곳의 미사일 기지 운영 [North Korea Operating at Least 4 Missiles Factories and 10 Missile Bases]”, Segye Ilbo, 26 March 1999,; "North Korea Special Weapons Guide," Federation of American ...

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    Mayang Island Missile Base

    Mayang Island is the site of a large submarine base that has both production and repair facilities. Surface-to-ship missiles had already been deployed to the site by the 1970s, and during the 1980s, North Korea began construction of tunnels for the missiles. North Korean defector Im Yŏng Sŏn heard that "Russian missiles were deployed here first." North Korea first ...

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    Karaj Waste Storage Facility

    The IAEA learned of the Karaj radioactive waste storage facility in 2003. In the same year, Iran shipped dismantled equipment used in laser enrichment experiments and materials resulting from uranium conversion experiments to the site, where IAEA inspectors viewed them in October 2003. [1] Environmental samples taken by the IAEA at the ...

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    Defence Research and Development Laboratory

    The DRDL was established in 1961 at the campus of the Defence Science Centre, Delhi as an expansion of the Special Weapon Development Team (SWDT). The laboratory was moved to Hyderabad in February 1962 to work on the design and development of missiles. During this initial phase, the laboratory successfully designed anti-tank missiles and indigenous rockets. The laboratory's first computer ...

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    Heavy Water Zero Power Reactor (ENTC-HWZPR)

    China constructed the Heavy Water Zero Power Reactor (HWZPR) in 1991, and the unit first became operational in 1995. [1] The reactor uses heavy water as a moderator and runs on natural uranium fuel. [2] Although the reactor is not suitable for producing plutonium, Iran has been able to use it to gain experience in the ...

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    Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC)

    Built with Chinese assistance and opened in 1984, the Isfahan (Esfahan) Nuclear Technology Center (INTC) today is Iran's largest nuclear research complex and employs approximately 3,000 scientists. [1] Isfahan is a multi-purpose research center suspected of being the center of a secret Iranian nuclear weapons program. [2] It operates three small Chinese-supplied research reactors. [3 ...

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    Directorate of Combat Vehicles and Engineering

    The Research & Development Establishment (Engineering) (R&DE) in Pune was established in 1962 through the amalgamation of the Inspectorate of Engineering Stores, Calcutta, with a division of the Technical Development Establishment (Vehicles and Engineering Stores), located in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. The R&DE laboratory in Pune was tasked with providing engineering support for various types of military hardware for the three military ...

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    Amir Kabir University of Technology

    Established in 1958, Amir Kabir University of Technology offers undergraduate, graduate and PhD degrees in nuclear engineering, physics, mining and metallurgy engineering and mathematics. [1] Tehran has allegedly used the university as a front company to purchase sensitive items abroad, including attempting to purchase neutron-shielding equipment from a U.S. company. [2] The university is also involved ...

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