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    Center for Biological Research

    The center became involved in recombinant DNA research during the 1980s, following its success at developing methods for producing interferon. From 1982 through 1986, researchers "gained experience in enlarging the scale of fermentation and purification of biomolecules." In the mid-1980s, scientists achieved success in working with gene manipulation, molecular virology, immunochemistry, and tissue cultures. By 1986 ...

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    Cuban Institute for Research on Sugarcane Derivatives

    Size: According to its website, ICIDCA consists of 50 laboratories, five pilot plants, along with two semi-commercial plants. A 1989 Financial Times article suggested that ICICDA would employ 2,600 scientists and technicians by the end of the decade, and that the institute was composed of three separate institutions, specializing respectively in cellulose, fermentation, and sugar. However, the center's website ...

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    The ETRR-2 is a 22MW pool-type research reactor [3] constructed by the Argentine company INVAP. [4] The reactor's uses include radioisotope production, medical and nuclear solid-state research, nuclear-engineering experiments, material-fuel tests, and training of scientists and technical personal. [5] Due to its relatively large size (for a research reactor), the reactor is especially useful for training ...

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    Nuclear Research Center (NRC)

    The Nuclear Research Center (NRC) is Egypt's oldest and largest nuclear research institute, housing most of its nuclear capabilities. [1] The NRC is comprised of four divisions: Basic Nuclear Sciences; Reactors; Materials and Nuclear Industrialization; and Radioisotope Applications. [2] The NRC undertakes activities in the areas of basic nuclear science, the front end of the ...

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    Cairo University

    Cairo University is Egypt's most important university for nuclear related teaching. The school offers postgraduate courses in nuclear reactors and radiation physics, and has a strong connection with Egypt's Atomic Energy Authority (AEA). [1] The Gize and Fahoum branches operate several nuclear relevant divisions, including the faculty of engineering and the department of physics. The ...

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    Sdot Micha Airbase (Nuclear)

    Jane's reports that Sdot Micha airbase is Israel's primary storage and deployment site for its Jericho I and II ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads. [1] Constructed during the late 1960s, the facility became operational in the early 1970s. Upon completion, the bunkers housed Jericho I ballistic missiles on mobile launchers. [2] Between 1989 and 1993, Israel built ...

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    National Organization for Military Production (NOMP)

    The National Organization for Military Production (NOMP), in cooperation with the Arab Organization for Industrialization, produces civilian goods and military products. [1] The NOMP supervises 16 military factories, including several related to missile development, such as the Abu Zabaal Company for Specialty Chemicals, the Heliopolis Company for Chemical Industries, the Helwan Company for Workshop Tools, and the Kaha Company for ...

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    Abu Zabaal Company for Specialty Chemicals

    Founded in 1950 to produce propellants and explosives, the Abu Zabaal Company continues to specialize in the design, development, and production of propellants and rocket motors. [2]

    During the 1960s, the Abu Zabaal Company produced specialty chemicals for the al-Zafir, al-Kahir, and al-Ra'id ballistic missiles. [3] In the 1980s, the firm joined with the Consen Group—a subsidiary of ...

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    Kader Factory for Developed Industries

    Initially established in 1949 to produce aircraft, the Kader Factory for Developed Industries currently specializes in the design, development, and production of armored vehicles, guidance systems for aircraft, and aircraft bombs.[2] The company's website makes no mention of involvement with Scuds or other ballistic missiles.[3]

    However, in March 1999 the U.S. State Department sanctioned the ...

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    Gebel Hamza Test Range

    A report in the Fall 1993 Nonproliferation Review indicated that the Egyptian Army operated a missile test facility near Gebal Hamza in 1992.[1] Arab-British Dynamics engineers wanted to use the facility for work on an improved Scud B, but the army refused the request.[2] The current status of this test range is unknown.

    [1] Dinshaw ...

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    Israel Weapon Test and Evaluation Center (WTEC)

    The Israeli Weapon Test and Evaluation Center is located in an uninhabited part of the Negev. Reportedly, it is approximately 174 sq. km, and lies adjacent to Israeli military training areas. [1]


    [1] Shaul Feller and Michael Maharik, "Risk Criteria for Approving or Rejecting Field Tests of High-Performance Weapons," Risk: Health, Safety, and Environment 7, Spring 1996, www ...

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    Atomic Energy Commission of Syria (AECS)

    The AECS is an autonomous institution, affiliated with the Office of the Prime Minister, which is responsible for conducting research and training on atomic energy and its applications in various scientific and industrial fields.[2] Additionally, the AECS handles the extraction, processing, import, export, and control of radioactive materials. [3] In 1992, the AECS assumed responsibility for coordinating Syria's Comprehensive ...

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