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    Kader Factory for Developed Industries

    Initially established in 1949 to produce aircraft, the Kader Factory for Developed Industries currently specializes in the design, development, and production of armored vehicles, guidance systems for aircraft, and aircraft bombs. [2] The company's website makes no mention of involvement with Scuds or other ballistic missiles. [3]

    However, in March 1999 the U.S. State Department sanctioned the ...

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    Gebel Hamza Test Range

    A report in the Fall 1993 Nonproliferation Review indicated that the Egyptian Army operated a missile test facility near Gebal Hamza in 1992. [1] Arab-British Dynamics engineers wanted to use the facility for work on an improved Scud B, but the army refused the request. [2] The current status of this test range is unknown.

    [1] Dinshaw ...

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    The Shalheveth Freier Center for Peace, Science and Technology

    The Shalheveth Freier Center for Peace, Science and Technology is adjacent to the Soreq Nuclear Research Center and was established in 1996. The purpose of the center is to "broaden the scientific activity intended to promote peace in the Middle East." [1] The Center houses the National Data Center, which is a monitoring mechanism for the {{glossary-term:"comprehensive-nuclear-test-ban-treaty":"Comprehensive ...

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    SIBAT (Foreign Defense Assistance and Defense Export Organization)

    SIBAT, a department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, regulates Israeli defense sales by managing licensing and export controls. Other SIBAT responsibilities include brand marketing and distributing a catalog for international customers of Israeli defense firm product lines. [1]

    According to the Congressional Research Service, Israeli defense exports, and specifically signed contracts for new exports, totaled $4.4 ...

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    Israel Weapon Test and Evaluation Center (WTEC)

    The Israeli Weapon Test and Evaluation Center is located in an uninhabited part of the Negev. Reportedly, it is approximately 174 sq. km, and lies adjacent to Israeli military training areas.

    Source: Shaul Feller and Michael Maharik, "Risk Criteria for Approving or Rejecting Field Tests of High-Performance Weapons," Risk: Health, Safety, and Environment 7, Spring 1996,

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    Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

    The Israeli government established the Science Corps, precursor to Rafael, in 1948 as a research and design lab for the Israel Defense Forces. The Science Corps was reorganized in 1958, at which time it became an autonomous company with the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and took on the name Rafael. [2] Due to its close relationship with the MOD, Rafael ...

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    Atomic Energy Commission of Syria (AECS)

    The AECS is an autonomous institution, affiliated with the Office of the Prime Minister, which is responsible for conducting research and training on atomic energy and its applications in various scientific and industrial fields. [2] Additionally, the AECS handles the extraction, processing, import, export, and control of radioactive materials. [3] In 1992, the AECS assumed responsibility for coordinating Syria's Comprehensive ...

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    Baykal-1 (Baikal) Research Reactor Complex

    The Baykal-1 complex houses two research reactors (IVG-1M and RA) and one subcritical assembly (Angara). During the Soviet era, the Baykal-1 reactor complex was a branch of Luch Scientific Production Association set up to test fuel elements of experimental nuclear rocket engines and fuel assemblies. [1] According to Yuriy Cherepnin, General Director of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan, nuclear ...

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    Following the destruction of the alleged Al-Kibar reactor, on 2 May 2008 the IAEA requested access to three locations "allegedly functionally related" to activities at the Al-Kibar site. [1] According to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, these three facilities were located near the towns of Masyaf, Marj as-Sultan, and Iskandariyah. [2] One of the three – ...

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    Kapustin Yar

    From 1957 to 1962, ten nuclear charges were exploded at Kapustin Yar, Western Kazakhstan. [1] As of January 2001, Russia was leasing the site from Kazakhstan in exchange for annual in-kind payments of military equipment and training, worth $25.5 million. [2]

    [1] Smantay Tleubergenov, Poligony Kazakhstana (Almaty: Gylym, 1997), pp. 433-436, 480-481.
    [2] "Novosti iz stran SNG," ...

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    Nuclear Training Laboratory

    From 1984 to 1987, the IAEA and the AECS jointly established and equipped a nuclear training laboratory for use by the AECS and the Arab Centre for the Study of Dry Lands and Arid Zones. [1] The laboratory's equipment includes oscilloscopes, electronic tools and components, a scintillation detector, X-ray and GM counters, neutron sources, and chemicals. [2] The ...

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