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  • Facility

    Kori Nuclear Power Complex

    The Kori Nuclear Power Complex currently houses eight reactors; six reactors are operational, one is still under construction, and one has been decommissioned (but will remain housed in the complex until the material can be safely stored and removed). Two more reactors were slated for construction; however, following a June 2017 speech by President Moon Jae-in announcing a ...

  • Facility

    Hanbit Nuclear Power Complex

    NOTE: In May 2013, the “Yonggwang Nuclear Power Complex” was renamed “Hanbit Nuclear Power Complex” due to protests by local fisherman. They claimed their sales suffered from association with the nuclear plant. [1]

    The Hanbit Nuclear Power Complex has six operational units of three types.

    Hanbit-1 and -2 are Westinghouse pressurized light water reactors (PWRs) constructed under ...

  • Project

    Fuel Cycle of the Future

    NTI is committed to identifying, incentivizing, and implementing an international nuclear fuel cycle approach that supports a reliable and economically sustainable commercial fuel market, while reinforcing key nonproliferation and nuclear security principles.

  • Project

    International Safeguards and Monitoring

    By building a more comprehensive and collaborative dialogue with the IAEA and other countries, NTI will help identify areas to implement dormant authorities and develop a vision for post-Additional Protocol IAEA safeguards. We will substantively augment the work of other NTI projects (Fuel Cycle of the Future and Developing Spent Fuel Strategies) to create a comprehensive, proliferation-resistant nuclear fuel cycle ...

  • Treaty/Regime

    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

    The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is the international center for nuclear cooperation and promotes safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies through cooperation with its 151 Member States.

  • Opinion

    On Iran and North Korea: Don’t trust, and verify, verify, verify

    Ernest J. Moniz, the former US secretary of energy, is CEO and co-chair of the Nuclear Threat Initiative. In this op-ed, published in the Boston Globe, he discusses the powerful verification measures within the Iran Deal and the importance of staying in the agreement, particularly as talks with North Korea approach.

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