3rd Global Dialogue Rapporteur’s Report

3rd Global Dialogue Rapporteur’s Report

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This rapporteur's report is from the third meeting of the Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security Priorities, which took place in Annecy, France in May 2013. The meeting was held using the not-for-attribution rule. Individuals and governments are free to use the information obtained during the meeting, but that information should not be attributed to a specific individual or government. This rapporteur’s report was drafted accordingly.

The report details the meeting's discussions stemming from the following sessions:

  • Strengthening the Global Nuclear Security System: A Quick Review
  • International Assurances: Issues for Further Development
  • Building Confidence: Industry’s Role in Providing International Assurance
  • Nuclear Security Governance Beyond 2014
  • Update on the 2013 IAEA Nuclear Security Conference and Ministerial
  • The IAEA and its Nuclear Security Mission
  • Breakout Sessions and Reactions
  • Recommendations and Next Steps

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