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2022 Nuclear Posture Review Resources Page

2022 Nuclear Posture Review Resources Page

The Biden Administration is expected to release its Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) in the coming days. The NPR lays out a U.S. administration’s approach to nuclear weapons policy, based on an extensive internal policy review.

Typically, the NPR describes the purpose of nuclear weapons, how the United States will or will not use or threaten to use them, how many and what types of nuclear weapons are required to meet U.S. strategy, and how they fit in to the rest of the government’s military and foreign policy planning. Most NPRs also discuss the role the United States will play in preventing nuclear proliferation and reducing nuclear risks globally.

This page contains NTI resources and recommendations relevant to the NPR and U.S. nuclear policy and posture.

NTI has policy experts available for members of the news media covering the NPR release, including Lynn Rusten, Steve Andreasen, Mark Melamed and James McKeon.  To arrange an interview, please contact Cathy Gwin at [email protected] or 202-270-5942.

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