Countering Catastrophic Biological Risks

Preventing, detecting and reducing the impact of catastrophe

The risk of a catastrophic biological event is growing, due to rapid advances in technology, increased global capacity to create and engineer pathogens that could cause a pandemic, and the potential for interest in biological weapons by powerful actors, including states and terrorist groups.

NTI | bio makes the case for governments, funders, researchers, and investors to prioritize global catastrophic biological risks; develops innovative solutions for preventing, detecting, and mitigating catastrophic events; and bolsters efforts to prevent the development and use of biological weapons.


NTI | bio’s projects build greater awareness among security and public health leaders, prompt commitments and actions by policymakers and practitioners, and promote the creation of international norms against the development of biological weapons.

Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative

Biosecurity Innovation and Risk Reduction Initiative

Advances in biotechnology outpace national governments’ ability to provide needed oversight to prevent accidents or deliberate misuse of dangerous biological agents.


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