Preventing and Detecting Nuclear Proliferation

Building capacity and promoting partnerships

Ending the spread of nuclear weapons and materials requires that technological understanding works hand-in-hand with policy action and diplomacy. NTI works in all three areas to verifiably prevent nuclear proliferation.

Our collaborations with partners builds capacity and generates new dialogue that yields innovative solutions.

As demand for nuclear energy grows, the world needs a comprehensive nuclear fuel cycle that reduces proliferation risks and fosters responsible nuclear energy growth. NTI works with governments and industry to identify and implement new approaches to the nuclear fuel cycle that help improve governance.

We also work with partners on cutting-edge efforts to use new technologies, such as machine learning, to detect sophisticated efforts to obscure proliferation activities.


NTI’s projects aim to stimulate the collective self-interest of governments and the private sector to adopt innovative solutions to protect global security and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

Detecting Proliferation Risks through Public Data

Detecting Proliferation Risks through Public Data

Open, increasingly digital data combined with tools for data analytics can supplement traditional nonproliferation efforts by detecting illicit proliferation

HEU Minimization

HEU Minimization

Minimizing the use of HEU in civil applications

International IAEA LEU Bank
Past Project

International IAEA LEU Bank

An international bank to supply nations with low-enriched uranium (LEU) to operate nuclear power reactors in case of supply disruption.


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