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Bharat Earth Movers Limited

  • Location
    Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Type
    Nuclear-Mining and Milling
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The Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) was incorporated by the Ministry of Defense in 1964. The BEML has manufacturing facilities in Bangalore, Mysore, Palakkad, and the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). The Bangalore plant manufactures railway coaches, overhead electric inspection cars, BEML-Tatra heavy-duty trucks, and other defense goods such as ejector and air cleanser assemblies. The Mysore unit manufactures off-highway dumpers, motor graders, and internal combustion diesel engines. The KGF unit manufactures earth moving equipment and other defense goods. In FY2021-22, the company’s turnover reached $500.8 million. Of this figure, defense business registered a 60.74% growth over the previous year. In 1999, the Indian government divested some of its shares in BEML; despite the divestment, the government retains 54.03% of the equity shares in the company as of 13 March 2022. The BEML has collaborations with companies in JapanUnited StatesFrance, Austria, Czech Republic, and Poland.


The BEML manufactures:

  • Modified Kolos Tatra eight-wheeled transporter-erector launcher vehicles for the Prithvi ballistic missile.
  • Modified Kolos Tatra trucks that serve as command vehicles, missile reload vehicles, warhead change vehicles, propellant tankers, and other logistics support vehicles for Prithvi missile batteries.


Ballistic missile
A delivery vehicle powered by a liquid or solid fueled rocket that primarily travels in a ballistic (free-fall) trajectory.  The flight of a ballistic missile includes three phases: 1) boost phase, where the rocket generates thrust to launch the missile into flight; 2) midcourse phase, where the missile coasts in an arc under the influence of gravity; and 3) terminal phase, in which the missile descends towards its target.  Ballistic missiles can be characterized by three key parameters - range, payload, and Circular Error Probable (CEP), or targeting precision.  Ballistic missiles are primarily intended for use against ground targets.


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