Okp'yŏng-dong Missile Base

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Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 옥평동 미사일 기지, Ok'pyŏng-nodongjagu Underground Missile Base, Ok'pyŏng-nodongjagu Underground Nodong Base, Okpyong-nodojagu Missile Base, Ok-pyŏng Rodongja-ku, Ok-pyŏng Base, Okpyeong Missile Base, Munch'ŏn Missile Base, Munchon Missile Base, Muncheon Missile
Location: Okp'yŏng-dong (옥평동), Munch'ŏn (문천시), Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea
Subordinate To: Missile Division (미사일 사단), Ministry of the People's Armed Forces (인민무력성), National Defense Commission (국방위원회)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

North Korea began construction of the Okp'yŏng-dong Missile Base in 1991. According to North Korean defector Im Yŏng Sŏn, US military bases in Japan and Guam are within the range of the missiles at the Okp'yŏng-dong Missile Base. South Korean military officials and some analysts suspect this base is an underground Nodong missile facility.

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