2018 Global Incidents and Trafficking Database Identifies 150+ Incidents Involving Nuclear and Other Radioactive Materials

The updated annual edition of the Global Incidents and
Trafficking Database, produced by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation
Studies (CNS) exclusively for NTI, documents 156 incidents in 23 countries where
nuclear and other radioactive materials were found outside of regulatory
control in 2018. One of the most notable—and
troubling—incidents involved the loss of 1g of weapons-grade plutonium from a
university in the United States.

This globally comprehensive database is uniquely generated
from publicly available data and news reports and is freely available to the
public. Since the database was created in 2013, researchers at CNS have
identified more than 1,000 incidents worldwide.  

The accompanying CNS Incidents and Trafficking Report
examines emerging trends, highlights incident case studies, and offers policy
recommendations tailored to the data. This year’s report also includes new interactive
maps and visualizations that show the entire database at a glance, illustrate incidents
of concern, and highlight efforts to keep potentially dangerous materials from
falling into the wrong hands.

to get the report’s full findings and recommendations, download the database,
and view the interactive maps.

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