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National Journal Group Editorial Director Ron Fournier announced new changes to Global Security Newswire.  "We are proud of the award-winning journalists we have assembled over the past decade, and our aim now is to bring you more of the high-quality breaking news and deeply reported analysis you have come to expect from GSN," Fournier said.  "We also plan to add new features and adjust our publishing schedules to make our content more timely, interesting and relevant."

Some changes you will notice:

  • More original reporting and slightly fewer aggregated stories from other news sources.
  • A weekly preview delivered on Fridays with analyses and news for the week ahead.
  • A monthly Q&A with global security experts.
  • A slightly later deadline for the daily email, to get more same-day news to you.

Global Security Newswire's coverage of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, as well as terrorism-related issues, is underwritten by NTI and produced independently in the National Journal newsroom.  Learn more about GSN.

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