International experts gather in Virginia to discuss nuclear, radiological, and cyber security at NTI’s Global Dialogue

This week NTI is
bringing international government officials, experts, and industry participants
together to discuss nuclear, radiological, and cyber security priorities at the
Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security
. This project is
an international, cross-sector dialogue among leading government officials,
experts, nuclear security practitioners, and other stakeholders. It was
launched initially to help shape the Nuclear Security Summit process and
strengthen global nuclear materials security. Since the conclusion of the
Nuclear Security Summit
process in early 2016
, the Global Dialogue has made recommendations for sustaining high-level
political attention and momentum on nuclear security.

This week’s event commences the third series of the
Global Dialogue meetings, focused on bringing in more participants from
industry to interact with experts and state-level officials for cross-sector
dialogue. The two and half day event will build off of the work done by
previous Global Dialogues on nuclear materials security, but it will also focus
on radiological materials and cyber security. Overall, the aims of the Global
Dialogue are to:

  • Build
    upon consensus reached through the Global Dialogue process to address remaining
    and new challenges to the global nuclear security system;
  • Explore
    practical proposals for addressing cyber security at nuclear facilities and the
    security of radiological materials;
  • Provide
    updates on progress to strengthen the system since the 2016 Nuclear Security
    Summit, including the five Action Plans and Contact Group;
  • Further
    advance the discussion on options for strengthening the Convention on Physical
    Protection (CPP) regime; and
  • Continue
    to provide a forum for an integrated and creative dialogue among government
    officials, experts, nuclear industry and stakeholders.

The following are
a sample of briefing papers being presented at this event: 


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NTI at the Second-Ever Joint Meeting of INMM and ESARDA


NTI at the Second-Ever Joint Meeting of INMM and ESARDA

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