NTI and Partners Win Award for Illuminating Future Challenges

and its partners,
Creative Santa Fe and the NSquare
, have won
Most Significant Futures Work Award

for “analyzing a significant future issue” for the
2016 Disruptive Futures: Santa Fe Nuclear
Weapons Summit
. This national
award from the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) recognizes and
rewards the significant contributions from professional futurists and others
who are illuminating challenges of the future.  APF recognized the Santa Fe Nuclear Weapons
Summit for bringing together more than 40 leaders from a diverse range of industries—science,
technology, military, business, and entertainment—to tackle challenges
associated with nuclear weapons in new ways. The APF judges specifically noted
about the event:

“I admire the new and fresh
ways the organizers tried to approach the problem of nuclear disarmament….and
visually a nuclear-free future. Use of games, team visualization, social memes,
symbolism, interspersing with the public at large was interesting.”

three-day summit took participants through a diverse set of exercises to
develop scenarios regarding the existential threat of nuclear weapons. E
included a deep dive into New Mexico’s cultural past and nuclear history, along
with interactive discussions led by NTI about present-day geopolitical and
security challenges related to nuclear threats.

The final output examined the future of nuclear weapons with a live public
performance at a theatre in Santa Fe.

Twelve entries were considered for this award by APF judges, and three
were recognized for their excellence in three categories: Category 1 – Advance
the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies; Category 2 – Analyze
a significant future issue; and Category 3 – Illuminate the future through
literacy or artistic works.

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