NTI Hosts 9th Meeting of the Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security Priorities in Paris

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Members of NTI’s Materials Risk Management team convened the
of the Global Dialogue on Nuclear Security Priorities in Paris on
February 10-12. First convened in July 2012 in support of the Nuclear Security
Summit series, these Track 1.5 meetings have continued to provide a forum for
unofficial dialogue among government officials, industry representatives, and nongovernment
experts to help sustain attention and accelerate progress toward a
comprehensive and effective global nuclear security system.

The Paris meeting included government officials from 21
countries, representatives from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),
the United Nations, the European Union, and the World Institute for Nuclear
Security, and industry and non-governmental experts from around the world.

The meeting addressed three topics:

  • Strengthening the IAEA’s role in nuclear security
  • Objectives and proposed outcomes of the upcoming
    Review Conference of the Amended Convention on the Physical Protection of
    Nuclear Materials (CPPNM), which will be held in 2021 to help build a strong,
    effective, and sustainable CPPNM regime
  • Political challenges to nuclear security,
    including the need to regain high-level political attention and how to create a
    stronger narrative on the importance of nuclear security and its benefit in
    sustaining peaceful use of nuclear technology.

Dr. Trevor Findlay contributed a
on the IAEA’s role in nuclear security. NTI also contributed a paper
on the CPPNM Review Conference. Both papers are available here.

This project is led by NTI Vice President Laura
and NTI Senior Director Samantha
. Learn more about the Global Dialogue at

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