Statement by Sam Nunn on the Opening of the Chinese Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security

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On Friday March 18th, the Chinese Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security was officially opened. The Center was jointly developed by China and the United States and will provide a venue for nuclear security training and testing. 

“The new China Center of Excellence on Nuclear Security is an important step in improving global nuclear security and encouraging cooperation on urgent nuclear security challenges. The Center is also an important step forward in enhancing US-China cooperation. Greater global cooperation on preventing nuclear proliferation and terrorism is essential, and I commend the two governments in achieving this important milestone before the Nuclear Security Summit later this month.”

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Nunn Addresses China Seminar


Nunn Addresses China Seminar

NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn addressed the 13th PIIC Beijing Seminar on International Security on the heels of NTI's board of directors meeting in Beijing, China.

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