Trump–Kim Summit Resources Available from the Nuclear Threat Initiative

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Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) offers a wide range of resources to prepare for
the upcoming Summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and leader of
North Korea Kim Jong Un on February 27-28. 

Background Resources

North Korea Country Profile
North Korea
Missile Test Database
 and Related Analysis
North Korea’s Missile Infrastructure Video
North Korea Missile Capability Infographic
Virtual 3D
Showroom of North Korea’s Missiles
North Korea Ballistic Missile Models 
North Korea
Facility Videos and B-Roll
North Korea
Submarine Capabilities

Articles and Analysis

“Resolving the Korean Conflict: Selected U.S., Russian, and Chinese Perspectives,” published by Public Forum and featuring a paper authored by NTI senior director Richard Johnson (February, 2019)

Sam Nunn
Discusses US-Russia Relations and North Korea on Bloomberg TV
(January 30,

Emeritus Board Member Bill Perry 
says upcoming summit will not lead N.K. to give up nuclear weapons (January 25,

The “Art” of the
Deal: Irreconcilable Visions of a Denuclearized North Korea? Infographic
and Analysis
(December 10, 2018)

Ernest Moniz
Addresses Global Security Threats at East Asia Foundation in Seoul
18, 2018)

5 Questions
About Verifying North Korean Denuclearization
by NTI’s Corey
Hinderstein and Alex Bednarek
(October 5, 2018)

Interview with Ernest J. Moniz Addressing North Korea Threat (September 10, 2018)

Sam Nunn and
Richard Lugar in The Washington Post:
What to Do If the Talks with North Korea Succeed
 (April 23,

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NTI Experts Participate in China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security


NTI Experts Participate in China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security

Experts from NTI and the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association (CACDA) gathered at the State Nuclear Technology Centre (SNSTC) outside of Beijing for the first in-person meeting of the China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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