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Important Nuclear Security Progress Now in Jeopardy, According to 2018 NTI Index

After years of progress on nuclear security, the fourth edition of the NTI Nuclear Security Index finds that the steps countries have taken to reduce the threat of catastrophic nuclear terrorism are jeopardized by a deterioration of political stability and governance, an increase in corruption, and the expanding presence of terrorist groups around the world. The 2018 NTI Index also finds that many countries remain poorly prepared to defend against rapidly expanding and evolving cyber threats to nuclear facilities.
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NTI Experts Available to Discuss Trump-Putin Summit

Presidents Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet in Helsinki, Finland on Monday, July 16. Nuclear issues are expected to be on the agenda, and despite controversy over the summit, there is hope that the meeting is the start of a sustained dialogue between the United States and Russia on issues that are in both nations’ security interests. In addition to former Senator Sam Nunn and former Sec. Ernest J. Moniz, NTI has experts available for media covering the summit.

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