NTI Resources for the Nuclear Security Summit

NTI staff and partners have a range of resources available on nuclear materials security and the Seoul Summit. 

NTI has experts available for media commentary. 

Web Commentary:  Seoul Searching
Next week, more than 50 world leaders will meet in South Korea for the second Nuclear Security Summit, to address the threat of nuclear terrorism.  The 2010 Nuclear Security Summit placed an extraordinary spotlight on an urgent challenge. This year’s Summit should build on the concrete commitments made in 2010 and work toward a global consensus on what matters most for securing materials worldwide and begin developing a global system for tracking, managing and securing vulnerable nuclear materials. 

NTI Index:   What’s Needed
The NTI Nuclear Materials Security Index, released in January 2012, provides a framework for an international dialogue on priorities.  Prepared with the Economist Intelligence Unit and guidance from an international panel of experts, the NTI Index is a first-of-its kind baseline assessment of nuclear materials security conditions worldwide.   Watch NTI’s Page Stoutland testimony to a US Senate sub-committee hearing .  Listen to a presentation by NTI’s Deepti Choubey at the Lowy Institute or download the March 4 podcast.

Transparency, Accountability and Assurance in Nuclear Security
The NTI Index highlights the need for transparency in an effective global nuclear materials security system. In a short paper, NTI Counselor John Carlson explores why openness builds confidence and accountability--and minimizes misperceptions.

CNS Issue Brief: The Nuclear Security Summit Post-Fukushima
In an issue brief, Michelle Dover and Miles Pomper of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies look at the intersection of nuclear safety and security at the Summit, urging the discussion “not to water down international focus on the vital task of securing all of the world's vulnerable nuclear materials.”

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March 21, 2012

Experts, commentary, NTI resources and recommended reading on the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul.

Corey Hinderstein
Corey Hinderstein

Vice President, International Fuel Cycle Strategies