NTI | bio Analysis Outlines Benefits of a Joint Assessment Mechanism for Latin America and Caribbean Region

NTI | bio experts Angela Kane, Jaime Yassif, and Shayna Korol authored an article for the Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales (CARI) – the Argentine Council for International Relations – outlining the importance of establishing a Joint Assessment Mechanism (JAM) to discern the source of high-consequence biological events of unknown origin. This new analysis, published within CARI’s Global Health and Human Security Committee in Spanish and English, highlights key reasons why the Latin America and Caribbean region would benefit from the establishment of the JAM. This mechanism, which would be housed within the United Nations Secretary-General’s office, would build on existing UN assessment capabilities. It would bolster international security and address the modern biological risk landscape by establishing the facts regarding biological events of uncertain origins – specifically to help clarify whether the event emerged naturally or was accidentally or deliberately released from an academic, commercial, or government laboratory. Read more about NTI’s work with international partners to establish the JAM here.


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