NTI Experts Participate in China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security

From January 25-26, 2024, experts from NTI and the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association (CACDA) gathered at the State Nuclear Technology Centre (SNSTC) outside of Beijing for the first in-person meeting of the China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security since the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its inception in 2018, the China-U.S. Track II Dialogue on Nuclear Security has continued to provide valuable opportunities to exchange insights, build relationships, and develop a shared vision for strengthened nuclear security cooperation between the two countries.

The meeting was opened by CACDA Senior Advisor Ambassador Cheng Jingye, SNSTC Deputy Chief Huang Ping, and NTI Vice President of Nuclear Materials Security Scott Roecker. In his opening, Roecker noted the importance of these dialogues in the current global context, observing that “Lingering challenges from COVID, ongoing challenges from cyber threats, new challenges associated with war in Europe, and now conflict in the Middle East make cooperation on nuclear security more important than ever.”

The dialogue touched on a range of important nuclear security issues and provided opportunities for an exchange of views between the two delegations. The discussion started with a broad overview of domestic and international nuclear security developments since the last meeting in 2022, including a presentation of key outcomes of the NTI Nuclear Security Index as well as updates on the status of the China’s new atomic energy law.

Participants also reported on their preparations for the upcoming International Conference on Nuclear Security (ICONS) in May 2024, focusing on characteristics of a successful conference, strategies to strengthen public engagement, and approaches to foster international cooperation and innovative solutions. Both organizations affirmed their commitment to making ICONS 2024 a platform for substantive dialogue.

Additional topics of discussion included the nexus between nuclear security and the Non-Proliferation Treaty regime, emphasizing the integral role nuclear security plays in facilitating the peaceful use of nuclear technology; the growing cyber threats to nuclear facilities and infrastructure, including lessons learned from enhancing cyber resilience within the nuclear sector; and the security of advanced reactors, including small modular reactors and other innovative designs, and the implications of these reactors for nuclear security.

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