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Nuclear Disarmament Turkey

  • Turkish Navy Frigate TGS Oruçreis Turkish Navy Frigate TGS Oruçreis
    Brian Burnell
  • Türk Yildizlari (Turkish Stars) at the 2011 NATO Days Türk Yildizlari (Turkish Stars) at the 2011 NATO Days
    Łukasz Golowanow, konflikty.pl

Estimated Arsenal Size

  • 60-70 U.S. non-strategic gravity B-61 warheads at the Incirlik Air Base (10-20 of these weapons marked for delivery by Turkish F-16 aircraft) [1]

Weapons System [2]

  • Non-strategic warheads: B-61-3, B-61-4
  • Delivery Aircraft: US F-16C/D, Turkish F-16


  • The current B61-3 and B61-4 deployed in Europe are scheduled to be converted into B61-12 over the next decade.

Destructive Force [3]

  • B-61-3: maximum yield of 170 Kilotons
  • B-61-4: 45 Kilotons

Nuclear Weapons Related Policies

  • 1999 NATO Strategic Concept confirms commitment to deploying nuclear weapons in Europe to maintain the "minimum level sufficient to preserve peace and stability." [4]
  • While NATO continues to reaffirm the importance of deploying US nuclear weapons in Europe, disagreements among member states on this issue have become more pronounced since the German government expressed support for the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany and Europe in October 2009. [5]
  • The Deterrence and Defense Posture Review adopted at the May 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago states that "the Alliance's nuclear force posture currently meets the criteria for an effective deterrence and defense posture." Therefore, some experts argue that the scheduled nuclear modernization contradicts this concept. [6]

Treaty Commitments

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