Brian Rose

Program Officer, Global Nuclear Policy

Brian Rose joined NTI in 2016 as a program officer with the Global Nuclear Policy Program, where he works on issues pertaining to deterrence and strategic stability, European security, emerging and disruptive technologies, and U.S. nuclear policy. Prior to joining NTI, Rose served in analytical, program management, and outreach positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the United States Institute of Peace, the U.S. Department of State, and George Washington University.

Rose holds a BA in political science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and an MA in International Science and Technology Policy from the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University.


Building A Safe, Secure, and Credible NATO Nuclear Posture

Building a Safe, Secure, and Credible NATO Nuclear Posture addresses the security risks, credibility, and financial and political costs of maintaining NATO’s current nuclear posture, including forward-deployed U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe. The report urges U.S. and NATO leaders to re-evaluate whether storing nuclear weapons at multiple sites across multiple countries makes sense in light of today’s threats and escalating costs—and, importantly, whether the weapons are still required elements of NATO defense policy.

A Roadmap for America’s Nuclear Policy and Posture

To coincide with a Bloomberg View op-ed published today by Ernest J. Moniz and Sam Nunn, NTI published six related policy papers that together provide an alternative vision and roadmap for America’s nuclear policy and posture and a template for Congress and the American people to evaluate the Trump Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).

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