Strengthening Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness

Creating the premier benchmark for global capacity

COVID-19 confirmed that biological threats—whether natural, intentional, or accidental—have the potential to kill millions, cost trillions on economic loses, and exacerbate political and economic instability. As the pandemic has made clear, the risk of catastrophic biological events is magnified by our rapidly changing and interconnected world.

NTI | bio works to strengthen biosecurity and pandemic preparedness by identifying and sharing solutions to address immediate crises as well as new and evolving biological risks and to ensure that strengthening biosecurity is elevated to a global priority now and for the longer term.


NTI | bio’s projects assess and benchmark preparedness and capacity, foster international dialogue and cooperation, and identify way to reduce risks and mitigate the consequences of biological events.

Global Health Security Index

Global Health Security Index

The GHS Index highlights individual country needs, boost compliance with international standards, and create better understanding of global capabilities to prevent, detect, and respond to biological threats.


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