Preventing Nuclear Terrorism

Defining, assessing and improving nuclear materials security

Strengthening global nuclear security is key to preventing an attack by a terrorist organization with the money and the know-how to build a nuclear weapon or a radiation-spewing “dirty bomb”—or to launch a cyber attack on a nuclear facility.

The good news is that the number of countries storing weapons-usable nuclear materials has dropped from a high of 52 in 1992.  Progress is possible. The bad news is that increasingly well-organized and well-funded terrorist organizations—which have easy access to the know-how needed to build a bomb— have declared their intent to seek the materials necessary for weapons of mass destruction.

NTI works closely with governments to better secure vulnerable nuclear materials or eliminate them where possible, with hospitals and industry to replace radiological sources that could be stolen, and with cyber


NTI’s projects identify gaps in national policies and regulations, facilitate dialogue and engagement between governments and across industries, offer recommendations to increase security and international oversight, and more.

Priorities for Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities
Past Project

Priorities for Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities

Overview of NTI's work to assess the impact of the cyber threat on nuclear security and to contribute to efforts to get ahead of the threat

Cyber-Nuclear Forum

Cyber-Nuclear Forum

Building Global Cybersecurity Capacity at Nuclear Facilities

Preventing a Dirty Bomb

Preventing a Dirty Bomb

Engaging hospitals, industry and governments on radiological risks


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