Leadership & Staff

NTI's staff includes leaders and experts with extensive experience at senior levels of government and the policy community. They work to provide innovative solutions to respond to the world’s greatest threats and build a safer world.

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Executive Leadership

Ernest J. Moniz
Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NTI
Joan Rohlfing
President and Chief Operating Officer, NTI
Deborah G. Rosenblum
Executive Vice President, NTI


Elizabeth Cameron, PhD
Vice President, Global Biological Policy and Programs
Amy C. Hargrett
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Corey Hinderstein
Vice President, International Fuel Cycle Strategies
Laura S. H. Holgate, Ambassador (ret.)
Vice President, Materials Risk Management
Carmen MacDougall
Vice President, Communications
Lynn Rusten
Vice President, Global Nuclear Policy Program
Page Stoutland, PhD
Vice President, Scientific and Technical Affairs


Steve Andreasen
National Security Consultant
Adrian Arroyo
Director of Strategic Communications Initiatives
Alex Bednarek
Program Officer, Fuel Cycle Strategies
Jessica Bell
Senior Program Officer, Global Biological Policy and Programs
Robert E. Berls, Jr., PhD
Senior Advisor for Russia and Eurasia
Jessica Bufford
Program Officer, Materials Risk Management
Ryan Cahill
Digital Communications Manager
John Carlson
Amanda Cogan
Executive Assistant & Conference Coordinator of Global Biological Policy & Programs and International Fuel Cycle Strategies
Amy Cole
Director for Grants and Contracts
Catherine Crary
Executive Assistant & Conference Coordinator
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Naomi Diehl
Special Assistant to the President and the Vice-Chairman, Board Liaison
Erin Dumbacher
Program Officer, Scientific and Technical Affairs
Tatiana Ghonda
Cathy Gwin
Senior Director, Communications
Mimi Hall
Senior Director for Content
Heidi Hermisson
Director for Development
Jill Hruby
Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow
Ioanna M. Iliopulos
Senior Consultant
Richard Johnson
Senior Director for Fuel Cycle and Verification
Jake Jordan, PhD
Senior Director for Global Biological Policy and Programs
Laura Kiefer
Director Of Administrative Operations
Peggy Knudson
Chief Development Officer
Valeria MacPhail
Director, Office of the Honorable Sam Nunn, Atlanta
Sara Beth Marchert
Herbert J. Scoville Fellow
James McKeon
Program Officer, Global Nuclear Policy
Mark Melamed
Senior Director, Global Nuclear Policy Program
Therese Murphy
Executive Assistant, Development and Finance
Michelle Nalabandian, MFS
Program Officer, Global Biological Policy and Programs
Samantha Neakrase
Senior Director, Materials Risk Management
Andrew Newman, PhD
Senior Director for Nuclear Fuel Cycle Activities
Manya Panchyshyn
Administrative Services Coordinator
Leon Ratz
Senior Program Officer, Materials Risk Management
Tabitha Sanders
Communications Associate
Hayley Severance
Senior Program Officer for Global Biological Policy and Programs
Douglas Shaw, PhD
Senior Adviser for Special Projects
Rachel Staley Grant
Director of Public Education
Abigail Stallworth
Development Manager
Tempe Stephen
Special Assistant to the CEO, Washington, DC
Tammy T. Ware
Executive Assistant & Conference Coordinator
Caressa Williams
Executive Assistant, Communications
Isabelle Williams
Senior Advisor, Global Nuclear Policy Program
Jaime Yassif, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Global Biological Policy and Programs