Last Updated: March 1, 2011
Other Name: Chashma Nuclear Power Plant-1
Location: Kundian, NW region of Punjab Province; Approximately 200km SW of Islamabad
Subordinate To: Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC)
Size: 300MWe net
Facility Status: Operational

The CHASNUPP-1 is a 300 MWe net two-loop pressurized water reactor (PWR), using between 2.4 and 3 percent low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel. [1]

In 1991, the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) contracted with the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) to build CHASNUPP-1. Based off of Shanghai Nuclear Research and Design Institute's Qinshan-1 design, construction commenced on 1 August 1993, and the reactor went into commercial operation on 25 September 2000. [2] China also supplies the LEU used in the CHASNUPP-1. [3]

As components of Pakistan's civilian nuclear program, the reactor facility, the LEU supplied by China, and all spent fuel are under IAEA safeguards. [4]

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