Defence Material and Stores R&D Establishment

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Last Updated: September 1, 2005
Other Name: DMSRDE
Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India
Subordinate To: Ministry of Defence (MoD), Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Size: N/A
Facility Status: Active

DMSRDE was first established in 1929, and at the time was known as the Inspectorate of General Stores in the Harness & Saddlery Factory. It was located in Cawnpore (now Kanpur). Since then, because of numerous demands, DMSRDE underwent major changes. First it was renamed the Technical Development Establishments (TDE), then the Defence Research Laboratories (Stores) (DRL(S)), then the Textiles & Stores Research & Development Establishment (TSRDE), and then the Defence Research Laboratories (Materials) (DRL(M)). In 1976, DMSRDE was finally established as an amalgamation of the DRL(M), TSRDE, and the Defence Institute of Stores Preservation and Packaging. DMSRDE was set up to facilitate interdisciplinary R&D and the rapid supply of indigenously developed items to the Armed Services.

Current Projects

  • R&D in clothing and heavy fabricated textile items, proofing and coating of textiles, and protective clothing for extreme weather and protection from toxic chemicals
  • Synthesis and development of polymers and composite materials and protective equipment, including head gear
  • Synthesis of organo-silicon monomers, organo-metallics, poly-carbosilanes, pre-ceramic polymers, and poly-phosphazenes
  • Studies on high-performance lubricants and greases, additives, high-energy, high-density hydrocarbon fuels, and tribology
  • Studies on corrosion processes and inhibitors, protective coatings, cathodic and anodic protection, and stress corrosion cracking
  • Development of reflective and anti-reflective coatings and camouflage pants
  • Studies on process engineering, design, evaluation, pilot plant and production of special materials
  • Surface characterization and modification of metallic and non-metallic materials, fullerenes, and their modifications, and carbon nanotubes
  • Studies on biodegradation and control, including bioresistance and biotransformation and maintenance of microbe and insect
  • Studies in low-temperature plasma applications, di-electric studies at microwave frequencies, photophysics, and X-ray radiography of materials
  • Development of new packing materials and techniques, and providing training on stores prevention and packaging

Work on Projects with Different Institutions

  • GSVM Medical College, Kanpur: Developing an ophthalmic-grade silicone fluid for retinal surgery
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited & Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur: Developing a 150mm-width prepreg of glass Kevlar and carbon materials and type approval; also, with the Indian Institute of Technology, designing and developing machines for making prepregs
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai: Preparing carbon fibers, carbon beads, and conducting carbon by camphor route for absorption/reflection studies; also developing new carbon materials technology

Projects Developed

  • Radar Cross-section Augmenter: A three-layered shell polymeric system mounted on cast aluminum with complete assembly for side-looking and forward-looking sites for use in the Navy
  • Radar Scattering Camouflage Net: Specially developed disruptive pattern garnishing adaptable to a variety of geographical features
  • Cardiovascular Catheters: Five types of angiographic cardiovascular catheters using polymeric materials for use in coronary arteriographic investigation and treatment of blockage of blood vessels
  • Anti-riot Equipment: A lightweight riot control helmet made of an fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) head-gear and shatter-proof face mask for protection against fragmentation munitions and low-velocity small arms extensively used by paramilitary and police forces in the country
  • Seals and O-rings with aerospace implications
  • Composite for EMI Shielding: A polymer carbon-based composite with EMI shielding efficacy
  • Polyetheretherketone (PEEK): A high-performance thermoplastic polymer for composites and electronic applications
  • DAFC 30 and DAFC 50: Coolants for motor vehicles operating at temperatures up to -10 degrees Celsius and -40 degrees Celsius, respectively
  • DAFC 60: a glycol-baseD recoil fluid for guns
  • Structural adhesives: For bonding plywood to polyethylene foam in aerospace systems and for use in manufacturing Ski runners
  • De-icing/Anti-icing Lacquer: For preventing thick deposits of snow on surfaces; for use in maintaining wireless communication systems
  • Bakelite Varnishes: For use in manufacture of variety of visioning instruments
  • Artic tents: A rectangular-shaped thermal tent based on double layer principle and supported on cadmium-plated mild steel tube frame
  • Gaiters, Glacier: For use as a link between pant bottom in shoe mouth for protection against cold winds and snow; has been approved for introduction into the Armed Services
  • Poncho, Glacier: For diverse uses in glacier region
  • Cord, Avalanche: For use by rescue parties in locating casualties in an avalanche operation
  • Cap, Glacier and Face Mask: For protection of head, face, nose, and ears in extremely cold conditions
  • Gloves, Glacier: Protects hands from cold in glacier regions
  • Rope, Climbing: For use as an aid for climbing up steep slopes in mountain regions
  • Gloves, Rappelling: Protection for hands in the glacier regions while climbing up or rappelling down steep rocks through ropes; approved for introduction into the Armed Services
  • Bag, Carrying Rescue: For evacuating casualties during rescue operation of troops deployed in glacier regions; approved for introduction into the Armed Services
  • Trousers and Jacket, Wind Cheater: For protection of body from cold winds in glacier regions; approved for introduction into the Armed Services
  • Combination Harness: To aid in rappelling down steep slopes by troops in mountaineering regions
  • Survival Blanket: Developed for evacuation of casualties in sub-zero temperature conditions
  • Jacket and Trousers: Protection for the body in extremely cold temperatures
  • Splint, Inflatable: For use in the event of leg injuries as first aid measure in extremely cold conditions
  • Expanded Foam Mattress for Siachin Glacier: Polymer foam-based flame retardant mattress suitable for high-altitude and glacier regions
  • Grease Ciatim 221: For lubricating metal to metal and metal to rubber in temperature ranges of -60 degree Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius; used in aircraft, heavy vehicles, and tanks
  • Grease Ciatim 221 S: Silicone oil-based grease, especially developed for lubrication of roller bearings with a working temperature range of 54 degrees Celsius to 149 degrees Celsius
  • Coolanol 25 R: Developed as per military specification from aerospace applications in temperature range of 54 degrees Celsius to 149 degrees Celsius
  • Grease TEXCLAD-2: For greasing worn gear and boom extension of loading cranes
  • Boot, Anti-mine: A complete anti-mine boot developed with thick soles containing inserts

Equipment & Facilities

  • Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis
  • Automated X-ray powder diffractometric system
  • FTIR, IR, PyeUnitherm IR and UV/Visible/NIR spectrometers
  • CHNSO analyzer
  • Massbauer spectroscopy with cryogenic helium refrigerated system 10-300 K
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Thermal analysis apparatus
  • Free space microwave reflectivity measurement system (8-18GHz)
  • Automatic scalar network analyzer
  • Latroscan TLC-FID analyzer
  • Shimadzu gas chromatograph
  • High-performance liquid chromatograph with diode array detector
  • Pyrolsis gas chromatograph (PGC)
  • Rubber process analyzer
  • Monsanto rheometer-750
  • Impact testing machine (Dynatup Model 8000A)
  • Universal testing machine with environment chamber
  • Strength testing machine with cyclic loading attachment
  • Electronic step scanning device
  • Textile testing machines
  • Acoustic ultrasonic stress wane tester for the company NDE
  • Seta-shell four ball EP lubricant tester
  • Falling drop apparatus
  • Ultrasonic stress wane tester for the company NDE
  • High-temperature flammability tester
  • Tensile strength tester
  • Thermal conductivity measuring instrument
  • Plasma CVD (chemical vapor deposition) system
  • Autoclave for Flat Rock Metal (FRM) molding
  • Ultracut E-ultramicrotome
  • Polymer coating machine
  • Paar high temperature high pressure reactor
  • Ultra centrifuge
  • Liquid nitrogen plant PLS 1065 and nitrogen gas generator
  • Barbender plasticoder PLD-651
  • Image analyzer system
  • Ozone test chamber

Continued Education Program (CEP) Courses

  • Rubber Chemistry, Technology, and Applications
  • Biodeterioration and Biodegradation of Material
  • Introduction to FRP Composites
  • Corrosion Preventive Coatings
  • Fuels and Lubricants
  • Protective Clothing and Equipment System for Extreme Cold Region
  • Modern Trends in Packaging & Stores Preservation
  • Advanced Analytical Techniques for Material Characterization
  • High Performance Polymeric Materials

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