Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals

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Last Updated: September 1, 2005
Location: New Delhi, India
Subordinate To: Government of India; Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Active

The department was created as part of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers in 1991.

In July 2001, the department set up a Task Force to look at the different challenges India's chemical industry faced as India opened up to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. In February 2002, the Task Force issued its report in which it stated that India faced vital issues within its chemical sector. Such areas of concern were developing infrastructure, setting up of Chemical Industry parks, investing in R&D and modernization, boosting exports and facilitating additional foreign direct investment, achieving economies of scale for increased global competitiveness, reducing energy costs, preserving the sanctity of Intellectual Properties Rights, encouraging value-added products, tackling dumping in the chemical sector, and encouraging joint ventures and collaborations.

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