Taep'yŏng Rocket Factory

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Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 대평 로케트 공장
Location: Taep'yŏng-dong (대평동), Man'gyŏngdae-kuyŏk (만경대구역), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea
Subordinate To: Either the Third Machine Industry Bureau (제3기계공업국), which is also known as the "Third General Bureau" (제3총국) and as the "Electronic Automation Bureau" (전자자동화총국), or the Fourth Machine Industry Bureau (제4기계공업국), Second Economic Committee (제2경제위원회), Nation
Size: N/A
Facility Status: N/A

The only known open source information on this facility appears to be from an interview with North Korean defector Kim Myŏng Ch'ŏl. Kim worked as a supervisor in the trade department of the Man'gyŏngdae Jewel Processing Factory, where he had experience traveling to China and Russia to procure components for weapons manufacturing. Kim says the Taep'yŏng Rocket Factory is underground in Taep'yŏng-dong, Man'gyŏngdae-kuyŏk, Pyongyang, but that he only had the opportunity to visit the shipping and receiving office, which is above ground. Kim claims there are only two "rocket factories" in Pyongyang, so this could be another name for a factory in the Pyongyang area that has one or more other names. Kim is unable to specify the types of rockets produced at this facility.

[1] Interview with North Korean defector Kim Myŏng Ch'ŏl by Daniel A. Pinkston, senior research associate, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, 14 December 2001, Seoul.
[2] Chŏng Ki Hae, "Kyŏngje'nan Bburi/Min'gan'gyŏngje Kalg'a'mŏngnŭn Kunsusan'ŏp (A! Pungnyŏk'tongp'o: 23)," Joongang Ilbo, 30 March 1995, p. 8, in KINDS, www.kinds.or.kr.

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