Parchin Chemical Industries

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Last Updated: December 1, 2010
Other Name: Para Chemical Industries; Parchin Chemical Factories; Parchin Chemical Industries Group; PCF; PCI
Location: Parchin
Subordinate To: Defense Industries Organization
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Operational

Parchin Chemical Industries (PCI) is part of the Defense Industries Organization's Chemical Industries Group and is most likely located at the Parchin Military Complex. UNSCR 1747 asserts that PCI "produces ammunition, explosives, as well as solid propellants for rockets and missiles." [1] In April 2007, U.S. sources identified Parchin Chemical Industries (PCI) "as the final recipient of sodium perchlorate monohydrate, a chemical precursor for solid propellant oxidizer, possibly to be used for ballistic missiles." [2] PCI is subject to both UN and U.S. sanctions.

[1] "Resolution 1747 (2007)," Adopted by the Security Council at its 5647th meeting on 24 March 2007, S/RES/1747,
[2] "Treasury Designates Iranian Proliferation Individuals, Entities," U.S. Department of the Treasury, 8 July 2008, UN Security Council Resolution 1747 designated PCI as subject to travel notification requirements and assets freeze. In July 2008, the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control added PCI to its specially designated nationals and blocked persons list.

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