Institute for Plant and Seed Modification Research

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Last Updated: August 1, 2008
Other Name: Seed and Plant Improvement Institute (SPII)
Location: Karaj
Subordinate To: The Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization, which is under the Ministry of Agriculture.
Size: 598 researchers, of which 18 have PhDs and 155 have Master's degrees. Budget is 35.7 billion IR.
Facility Status:

There are eight research divisions in Karaj, and more than 80 research facilities nationwide. The primary goals of this institution are to address problems related to agriculture. The eight divisions in Karaj are Seeds, Plant biotechnology, Genetic and hereditary reserves, Corn, Oil seeds, Potato and onions, Botanical, and Seed control and certification.

The Institute has specifically established a biotechnology department to conduct research on genetic transformation in major crops, genetic analysis, and transfer of desirable genes into desirable agronomic backgrounds.

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