Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA)

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Last Updated: October 1, 2009
Other Name: Atomic Energy Authority (AEA)
Location: Inshas (NE Cairo suburb), and Nasr City (East Cairo suburb)
Subordinate To: Ministry of Electricity
Size: Four research centers
Facility Status: Operational

The EAEA is Egypt's primary nuclear research authority. Established in 1955, its mandate is to enable the "efficient utilization of the peaceful applications of nuclear energy." [2] The EAEA employs more than 1,400 nuclear scientists and engineers, assisted by 3,600 technical and 1,300 support staff. [3] Egypt became a member state of the IAEA in 1958, and the EAEA is the focal point of contact for agency technical assistance. [4]

The EAEA is organized into four research centers. Inshas houses the Nuclear Research Center (NRC) and the Hot Laboratories and Waste Management Center (HLWMC), while Nasr City hosts the National Centre for Radiation Research and Technology (NCRRT) and the National Centre for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control (NCNSRC). [5]

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