Helwan Company for Workshop Tools

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Last Updated: February 1, 2011
Other Name: Factory 999; Helwan Munitions Factory, Ballistics Section; Helwan Company for Machine Tools; Helwan Machinery and Equipment Company
Location: Helwan
Subordinate To: Ministry of Military Production
Size: Multiple Factories
Facility Status: Operational, involved in missile production

The Helwan Company for Workshop Tools has a division that specializes in the production of various small arms, artillery and aircraft delivered munitions. [1]

During the early 1950s the firm helped develop ballistic missile and long-range artillery rockets in cooperation with the Compagnie des Engines à Réaction pour Vol Accéleré (CERVA), an Egyptian government-controlled enterprise in the Heliopolis section of Cairo. [2] During the 1980s, the Helwan Company was the planned site for missile production of the Vector (Condor II) missile. [3]

In March 1999, the U.S. State Department applied two-year sanctions to the company for transferring dual-use U.S. technology and missile components to North Korea. [4]

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