Der Al-Hadjar Nuclear Research Center

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Last Updated: March 1, 2011
Other Name: Dayr al Hajar; [1] Dahr el Hajar; SAEC Research Centre
Location: 140km north of Damascus [2]
Subordinate To: Atomic Energy Commission of Syria (AECS)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Operational

Constructed in the early 1990s, the Der Al-Hadjar Nuclear Research Center houses Syria's only research reactor, the Chinese-supplied SRR-1 Miniature Neutron Source Reactor.[3] The bulk of Syria's nuclear-related work takes place at the Center.[4] Research includes nuclear physics and chemistry; use of radiation and radioisotopes in medicine, agriculture, biology, and geology; exploration of radioactive ores; management and procedures for the use of radioactive resources; protection from radiation; and the effects of radiation on humans and the environment.[5] The facility is subject to IAEA inspections under Syria's safeguards agreement with the IAEA.[6] In 2008 and 2009, environmental samples taken by the IAEA revealed particles of processed natural uranium that were not in Syria's declared inventory. [7] Syrian officials later acknowledged performing experiments irradiating uranyl nitrate at the SRR-1. After inspecting the source of the uranium particles at the phosphoric acid pilot plant in Homs and revisiting the SRR-1, the IAEA found that Syria's declarations were consistent and reverted to the "routine implementation of safeguards" at Der Al-Hadjar. [8]

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