Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology

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Last Updated: August 1, 2010
Other Name: HIAST; Institut des Sciences Appliques et de Technologie; Institut Supérieur des Sciences Appliques et de Technologie
Location: Damascus
Subordinate To: Scientific Studies and Research Center (SSRC)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Operational

Established in 1983, the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (HIAST) is an engineering and technology university in Damascus that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in disciplines such as physics, mathematics, engineering and electronics. [1] According to the U.S. Treasury Department, HIAST provides training to engineers affiliated with the Scientific Studies and Research Center, which is responsible for Syria's WMD and missile development programs. [2] The U.S. government has imposed sanctions on HIAST.

[1] "General Information," Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology, www.hiast.edu.sy.
[2] Jeannine Aversa, "Treasury Moves to Clamp Down on Syrian Entities Accused of Spreading Weapons," AP, 4 January 2007.

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This article provides an overview of Syria's historical and current policies relating to nuclear, chemical, biological and missile proliferation.

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