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Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Other Name: N/A
Location: Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča, near Belgrade
Subordinate To: Institute of Nuclear Sciences, VinčaInstitute of Nuclear Sciences
Size: Numerous laboratories, reactors, and departments
Facility Status: N/A

In 2002, NTI was established as a part of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, VinčaInstitute of Nuclear Sciences by merging the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (NET) and RA Research Reactor Department. NTI operates the RA research reactor and RB critical assembly. The primary goal of the center is to implement numerous projects undertaken as a part of the "Green Vincha (VIND Program)". Green Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinčaseeks to improve nuclear security and radiation safety standards of the RA research reactor and the Institute. Research at NTI includes; reactor physics, safety and control of nuclear reactors, nuclear engineering, radiation protection. Operation activities at NTI include; fusion and accelerator operation, operation and maintenance of the RA and RB reactors, and preparation of RA reactor spent fuel removal and decommissioning. NTI is organized into three departments, namely, the RA Reactor Department (managed by Stevo Cupać -2003), RB reactor department (managed by Nebojša Dašić-2003), and the department of reactor physics and engineering (managed by Milan Pešić). NTI is managed by Mr. Milan Pešić (2002-present) and is staffed by 13 researchers (4 PhD, 4 MSc, 5 BSc), 24 technicians, 2 secretaries and 2 supporting staff.

Source: "Center for Nuclear Technologies and Research (NTI)," NTI homepage, updated 2003,

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This article provides an overview of the Former Yugoslavia’s historical and current policies relating to nuclear, chemical, biological and missile proliferation.

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