Department of Physical Chemistry

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Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Other Name: Laboratory of Physical Chemistry
Location: Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča
Subordinate To: Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča
Size: Laboratory scale
Facility Status: N/A

This facility was one of the original components of the Institute of Nuclear Sciences when it was founded in 1948. As the research capabilities and the reputation of the laboratory grew, the nation's best scientists gathered here to master the analysis methods and neutron source production of uranium, thorium and other rare earth ore. These skills were fundamental to the research of the entire institute. Numerous groups became independent and created new laboratories after gaining original knowledge at this laboratory. Equipment at this laboratory includes an electromagnetic isotope separator and CO2 laser that may be used to research uranium enrichment with the electromagnetic isotope separation techniques.

Source: "Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences," Federation of the Atomic Scientists, Updated May 29, 1999,

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