Zletovska Reka uranium deposit

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Last Updated: April 22, 2014
Other Name: N/A
Location: Dinarides and the Macedonian Massif
Subordinate To: The Rudnik Urana Zirovski Vrh
Size: Pilot scale
Facility Status: Inactive/Dormant

Zletovska Reka consists of tertiary Dacite and Andesite, with Uraninite as its primary uranium mineral. [1] The ore found at this deposit is connected with Siderite, Barite, Fluorite and Quartz as Gangue. There was a pilot-scale mine constructed but a record of ore production is not available for review. [2]

[1] Maurice Degraaf., "Europe," Uranium Resource page, 2000, www.xs4all.nl.
[2] Andrew Koch, "Yugoslavia's Nuclear Legacy: Should We Worry?" The Nonproliferation Review, Spring/Summer 1997, www.nonproliferation.org.

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