Bubanj Potok Instruction Center

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Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Other Name: Bubanj Potok proving grounds, Bubanj Potok garrison district
Location: South-east Belgrade
Subordinate To: Yugoslavian Army, subsequently Armed Forces of the Federation of Serbia and Montenegro, subsequently Serbian Armed Forces
Size: Unknown, minimum 250 hectares
Facility Status: N/A

Established in 1978 as a facility for training members of Yugoslavia's territorial defense (trained popular militia) and civil defense units. In addition to traditional combat-related training, attendees receive NBC warfare training. Given the lack of chemical weapons deployed with the main force of the Yugoslavian Army, it is highly probable that this training was exclusively defensive in nature. Approximately 50,000 people receive this specialized training per year. [1] The facility was heavily bombed during the 1999 Kosovo war, and although it continues to operate as a firing range and barracks for the Armed Forces of the Federation of Serbia and Montenegro, it is not known if chemical warfare training continues to be provided at this facility. [2]

[1] "Work of Civil and Territorial Defense Center in Belgrade," Yugoslav News Agency, 29 January 1985, www.lexis-nexis.com.
[2] “Serbs report civilian deaths in NATO bridge attack,” CNN, 31 May 1999, www.cnn.com.

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